Health & Safety

If that picture of the tangled mess of cables is all too familiar, we can certainly help you. Aside from the hassle and the unsightliness of this kind of mess, it's a bit of a hazard for your employees. New Heath and Safety legislation places greater responsibility on employers for creating safe work environments. More information about the new legislation can be found HERE Employers are now required to anticipate hazards and avoid them by observing the workplace and communicating with the staff. Each sector has its own unique concerns and details specific to the office environment can be found HERE Fundamentally its a three step process.

1.) Identifying hazards

2.) Assessing the risks

3.) Managing the risks

Aside from  the danger of tripping on a bundle of messy cables, who wants to rummage around on all fours under a desk trying to sort out a plastic birds nest. We can help clean up the messy tangle of cables making a safe and aesthetic work environment for all the staff. Then you can tick this off the list when reviewing or creating your health and safety policies.

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