Data Cabling Versus WiFi

Data cabling is called by several names; network cabling, structured cabling, computer cabling and ethernet cabling. Whatever you or your I.T. people call it, the simplicity is that it is the cable that carries information to and from your computer whether it be on an internal network in your home or office. Phones can also operate through the internet using data cables and this is called VOIP

Our philosophy at ProCabling is a simple one; if we help you in the way that’s best for you – you’ll grow – then you’ll need us again. This is why we work hard to understand the needs of your business and your team bringing your vision to life to an excellent standard

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When you use data cable to connect the network inside your business you are essentially hard wiring the data to your location. By using cable instead of WiFi your are providing more protection for your network so any opportunistic hacker who may be in the vicinity hoping to tap into a your WiFi network will be disappointed to find a secure hard wired data cable network. If you have data cables connecting your company’s network, anyone wishing to access files on your network would have to be inside the building and connected physically via a cable into your network. This level of security provides necessary peace of mind, especially if you have sensitive information such as legal or medical files.

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