Meet The Team

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Rebecca Jones

Rebecca manages the administrative aspects of ProCabling.  Rebecca owned a business in the medical industry for over 13 years and understands the importance of IT security and reliability and is well aware of how difficult it is to run a business when there are IT glitches. She also understands how profitability is  impacted with faulty systems not to mention wasted time dealing with hassles interrupted work flow and unreliable contractors. Rebecca’s experience in the service industry has her well equipped to ensure everything is smooth and seamless for our clients and to consistently deliver what is expected to a high standard


Yure Radojkovich

Yure is our tech guru and manages the technical division of ProCabling. He has had over 30 years of experience in telecommunications, starting out as a line technician for telecom when it was still part of the Post Office where he saw the introduction of fiber optic cabling in the 1980s. Yure’s brings his  vast experience, professionalism and work ethic to every job to bring order and simplicity to the work environment. Yure has great skill in understanding the needs of your business and your team  and is able to translate that vision into practical solutions that come to life in your environment