Needing Better Internet at Home?

One issue we've been increasingly asked to help with is improving connectivity and data speeds, especially with lags and poor connections interfering with video meetings.  

WiFi boosters often don't cut the mustard especially when there is a large demand for data from the likes of Netflix, gaming and YouTube streaming from other members of the household.

Here are some tips to improving your internet speeds at home:

*A router is the box that brings the internet signal into your house and is usually mounted on a wall somewhere inside the house. It is sometimes called a modem.

  1. Running a data cable (hard wiring) your laptop or computer to the router. Having a direct link from your router to your computer will provide higher speeds. The reason for this is that walls between you and your Wi-Fi router reduces speeds. This is especially so if others are using the same Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Hard wiring an additional Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) near to where you will be working, especially for multi-storied houses. An AP works differently to a booster because booster increases an already weak signal whereas the Access Point (AP) connects directly to your router providing a faster signal near where you are working.

  3. Hard wiring other high use devices such as the TV directly into the router. This takes traffic off a struggling Wi-Fi connection and so allows better speed over existing Wi-Fi.

If you or your employees need help with a solution like this. Give us a call. We're running a discount for October for home office set ups that we think you'll like.

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