Watch for Rats!

Recently we were asked to replace a large quantity of fiber optic and ethernet cable as rats had chewed on the cable causing extensive damage. Rats can do thousands of dollars of damage in a short period of time so putting some policies and procedures in place to guard against this is important for your business. Damaged cable can be very costly in terms of outages and replacement but if damage to electrical cables is occurring, it is a fire hazard. Most newer electrical cables contain a pest deterrent, but despite this, rats can still chew on electrical cable.  Things you can do are to schedule regular inspections of accessible cables to check for any signs of damage. Rats like warm places so check server rooms, particularly in and around racks and cabinets. You can lift a ceiling tile or manhole cover to check for any evidence such as droppings and sometimes the smell is a dead give away. Pest control as a preventative measure is excellent insurance but if evidence of rats is found act immediately. If you would like to outsource these inspections, we can do 6-monthly inspections of your premises looking for any hint of rat problems as well as supplying a written report of the inspection. To find out more about this please call Yure on 022 072 0161  that they can customize.

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